Kabeljou is one of the largest yet most delicately-coloured fish of the kob family. The overall body colour is silvery and live specimens have a striking pearly pink sheen on the head, flanks and dorsal surface. Underwater a row of brilliantly silver ‘portholes’ can be seen along the lateral line.


The flesh is succulent and firm, forming large flakes, and there are few bones. It has no definite flavour and may sometimes be insipid especially if it has been frozen for any length of time. The larger the kabeljou the less tasty and coarser it becomes. Small kabeljou or ‘milk-kob’ have a more tender, sweeter flavour. At certain seasons, kabeljou are known to be worm infested but these parasites do not detract from the flavour of the fish and are perfectly harmless after cooking. Nevertheless, do not buy kabeljou which lacks lustre or is out of condition and scrawny as the flesh will be flavourless. The liver should not be eaten as it is exceptionally rich in Vitamin A. Kabeljou makes very good eating if fried and served with a buttery sauce.

Kabeljou is suitable for:
  • baking

  • drying

  • frying

  • grilling

  • pickling

  • poaching

  • steaming

Category: South African Cuisine

Subcategory: Seafood