Dill Weed 

Dill has a sweet and aromatic bouquet; the taste has a hint of caraway and is slightly, but by no means unpleasantly, bitter. Indian or Japanese dill is thinner and paler than its Western counterpart. Dill weed refers to the leaf and stem of the plant and dill seed to the spice-like fruit; the seeds have a stronger flavour than the herb-like weed which has a fresher, mellower taste.

Look for young, sprightly, bright-coloured leaves with no wilting, slime, or yellowing.
Dill Seed 
Dill weed tends to spoil quickly because the leaves are fine and feathery. The whole seeds have a long shelf life if kept away from strong light.
Culinary Use
Food Affinities
  • beans

  • beet

  • bell pepper

  • chicken

  • cucumber

  • fish

  • green beans

  • mustard

  • pickles

  • smoked salmon

  • sour cream

  • yogurt

Category: Spices and Herbs

Sub Category: Herb