Avocado Mousse with Smoked Trout

Avocado Mousse with Smoked Trout 

This delightful appetiser, avocado mousse with smoked trout, is quick and easy to make. Ensure your avocados are perfectly ripe, by buying them a few days in advance, while they are still firm. Wrap in newspaper and leave to ripen at room temperature.

Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Total Time:
Serves: 4
  1. Cut avocados in half and remove stone with the tip of a knife

  2. Scoop out flesh with a soup spoon, put shells to one side

  3. Mix avocado thoroughly, sprinkle with lemon juice

  4. Add two slices trout, sliced into strips

  5. Mix again, until you have a smooth paste

  6. Add crème fraîche, saving some for garnishing, salt, pepper and 1 sprig of dill

  7. Mix carefully

  8. Spoon mousse back into shells

  9. Chill for fifteen minutes, in fridge

  10. Meanwhile, cut lettuce and rest of trout into strips and cut cherry tomatoes into quarters

  11. Arrange on top of avocado mousse

  12. Add a little more crème fraîche and dill and serve.

Category: Appetisers

Cuisine: French

Sub-Category: Fruit