Vetkoek (Fat Cake – refers to the method of frying in oil.) or Amagwinya (Zulu Name) is a delightful, typically South African snack – a traditional pastry both in Afrikaans and Zulu culture, it’s basically a mixture of flour, water, sugar and salt which is made into small “balls” and deep-fried until golden brown.

It’s usually served hot with savoury mince but is just as nice with butter and smooth apricot jam or syrup or fig preserve or honey or cheese or thinly sliced biltong.

The history of these deep fried dough balls goes back many years, to the days of the Voortrekkers who found it much quicker and easier to make than bread.

It’s thought to have its origins in Oliebollen, which go back to the time of the migration period.


Category: South African Cuisine

Subcategory: Traditional